Crawford Co., Georgia
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Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA


Tree: Crawford Co
City/Town : Latitude: 32.8406946, Longitude: -83.6324022


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwell, Benjamin F.  03 Mar 1900Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2512 Crawford Co 
2 Atwell, George Dorris Jr.  27 Nov 1911Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2010 Crawford Co 
3 Atwell, Lurllie G.  28 Dec 1897Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2513 Crawford Co 
4 Atwell, Suzie Elizabeth  1907Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1273 Crawford Co 
5 Atwell, William Jackson Sr.  1903Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2292 Crawford Co 
6 Bonner, Katherine  21 Oct 1917Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4383 Crawford Co 
7 Carr, Madison Henry  08 Oct 1826Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I6086 Crawford Co 
8 Crammer, Emma  17 NovMacon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5408 Crawford Co 
9 Durden, Edna  18 Jan 1885Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4876 Crawford Co 
10 Edwards, Kelly Lea  01 Aug 1969Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I325 Crawford Co 
11 Edwards, Robert  UNKNOWNMacon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5206 Crawford Co 
12 Edwards, Theresa Ann  18 Mar 1966Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I323 Crawford Co 
13 Freeman, Susan "Sudy"  03 Nov 1894Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2590 Crawford Co 
14 Garrison, Edrward Glenn  30 May 1909Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5121 Crawford Co 
15 Garrison, Gewinner  1914Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5122 Crawford Co 
16 Garrison, Johnson G.  1911Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5123 Crawford Co 
17 Goodrich, Sidney G  Abt 1931Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I38 Crawford Co 
18 Gordon, Ronald Leroy  18 Nov 1940Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4197 Crawford Co 
19 Groves, Henry Augustus Jr.  12 Nov 1949Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5092 Crawford Co 
20 Harrington, Ronnie Fred Sr.  17 Feb 1941Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4145 Crawford Co 
21 Harrington, Ronnie Fred  12 Dec 1961Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4378 Crawford Co 
22 Hodge, Addie  13 Feb 1874Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4993 Crawford Co 
23 Hodge, Annie R  Abt 1879Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5000 Crawford Co 
24 Jones, Flora V.  Sep 1885Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2519 Crawford Co 
25 Jones, Florence E.  24 Sep 1895Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2522 Crawford Co 
26 Jones, Henry Edwin  21 Mar 1912Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5147 Crawford Co 
27 Jones, James Edmund  Dec 1887Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2520 Crawford Co 
28 Jones, Lillian B.  16 Jun 1914Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1798 Crawford Co 
29 Jones, Lucile  07 Jan 1906Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4910 Crawford Co 
30 Jones, Matthew Madison Sr.  12 May 1890Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2521 Crawford Co 
31 Jones, Matthew Madison Jr.  26 Apr 1918Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5149 Crawford Co 
32 Jones, Nannie Pearl  09 Jul 1914Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5148 Crawford Co 
33 Jones, Raymond Mark  08 Feb 1921Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5150 Crawford Co 
34 Jones, Richard Charles Jr.  14 Nov 1947Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I31 Crawford Co 
35 Jones, Robert D.  Jul 1883Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2518 Crawford Co 
36 Jones, Robert Michael "Mike"  31 Dec 1939Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1140 Crawford Co 
37 Kembrew, Lucy Ann  13 Mar 1845Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1978 Crawford Co 
38 Langford, Charles Eugene  25 Dec 1935Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I3671 Crawford Co 
39 Lawshe, Lewis Madison  17 Mar 1826Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I6075 Crawford Co 
40 Meeks, Benjamine Garland  03 Mar 1901Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5373 Crawford Co 
41 Moore, Davis Dawson  17 Mar 1860Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I6866 Crawford Co 
42 Moore, Jerry  20 Jan 1947Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5191 Crawford Co 
43 Moore, Sue Caroline  11 Sep 1906Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I6865 Crawford Co 
44 Munch, Nary Ella  Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I6676 Crawford Co 
45 Odom, Elinor  22 Jul 1922Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4982 Crawford Co 
46 Rachels, Frank  1911Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5305 Crawford Co 
47 Rainey, Carl Robert  UNKNOWNMacon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2541 Crawford Co 
48 Rainey, John William  Nov 1888Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2542 Crawford Co 
49 Rainey, Sarah Lorine  22 Jan 1920Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2526 Crawford Co 
50 Raley, John Mack  02 Feb 1866Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1326 Crawford Co 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mattie Elizabeth  22 Aug 1949Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5212 Crawford Co 
2 Atwell, Benjamin F.  23 Sep 1918Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2512 Crawford Co 
3 Atwell, George Dorris Sr.  01 Nov 1924Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I357 Crawford Co 
4 Atwell, James William  17 Nov 1949Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I355 Crawford Co 
5 Atwell, Josephine  23 May 1935Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I351 Crawford Co 
6 Atwell, Lurllie G.  01 Mar 1974Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2513 Crawford Co 
7 Atwell, Martha "Mattie"  30 Apr 1926Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I356 Crawford Co 
8 Atwell, Suzie Elizabeth  07 Feb 1989Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1273 Crawford Co 
9 Atwell, William Jackson Jr.  07 Dec 1931Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2294 Crawford Co 
10 Atwell, William Jackson Sr.  29 Jul 1989Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2292 Crawford Co 
11 Aultman, Robert Henry  20 Nov 1976Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5032 Crawford Co 
12 Aultman, Walter Benard  26 Sep 1992Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5663 Crawford Co 
13 BECHAM, Lucile Delia  30 May 1994Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I6719 Crawford Co 
14 Beckham, Josephine  10 Jun 1936Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2515 Crawford Co 
15 Bobbitt, Sarah "Sally" O.  05 Dec 1933Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I3131 Crawford Co 
16 Bonner, Katherine  16 Jul 1984Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4383 Crawford Co 
17 Boyle, Mary Joe  23 Aug 2000Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1185 Crawford Co 
18 Braddy, Mary Frances "Mollie"  12 Jul 1951Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2498 Crawford Co 
19 Bridges, Fannie T.  21 Nov 1917Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1167 Crawford Co 
20 Brown, Charlotte  22 Feb 1960Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I872 Crawford Co 
21 Causey, Gloria Ann  18 Dec 1973Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4223 Crawford Co 
22 Daniels, Bennie Richard  Aug 1987Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I138 Crawford Co 
23 Daniels, Martha Elizabeth  15 Sep 1994Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I137 Crawford Co 
24 Davis, A J  DECEASEDMacon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I6596 Crawford Co 
25 Drawhorn, Hubert Eugene  21 Nov 2006Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1778 Crawford Co 
26 Drawhorn, William Elmo  22 Mar 1930Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1796 Crawford Co 
27 Durden, Edna  13 Jun 1970Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4876 Crawford Co 
28 Edwards, Ella Mae  17 Sep 1994Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1981 Crawford Co 
29 Edwards, J Frank  01 Apr 1924Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5667 Crawford Co 
30 Edwards, Jessie Prentice  24 Dec 2008Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4943 Crawford Co 
31 Edwards, Kelly Lea  31 Aug 1969Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I325 Crawford Co 
32 Edwards, O.D.  26 Mar 1981Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I333 Crawford Co 
33 Edwards, Robert  DECEASEDMacon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5206 Crawford Co 
34 Edwards, Robert Ellison Jr.  10 Dec 1974Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1803 Crawford Co 
35 Evans, Johnny  24 Dec 1952Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I3041 Crawford Co 
36 Garrison, Marion Edward  26 Sep 1946Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2504 Crawford Co 
37 Gregory, James Tal  27 Nov 1965Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5077 Crawford Co 
38 Griggs, Nathan B.  1907Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1063 Crawford Co 
39 Grist, Lena Bryan  26 Mar 1921Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I6867 Crawford Co 
40 Harrington, Robert Fred  Sep 1961Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4382 Crawford Co 
41 Harrington, Ronnie Fred Sr.  02 Aug 1994Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4145 Crawford Co 
42 Harrington, Ronnie Fred  26 Oct 1998Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4378 Crawford Co 
43 Hawthorn, Henrietta  13 Dec 1948Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2505 Crawford Co 
44 Hays, James Elijah  23 Feb 1929Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I6934 Crawford Co 
45 Herron, Frances Evelyn  08 Jan 1996Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I3036 Crawford Co 
46 Hickson, Hattie  10 Apr 1971Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5670 Crawford Co 
47 Hodge, Addie  27 Dec 1928Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4993 Crawford Co 
48 Hodge, Annie R  02 May 1948Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5000 Crawford Co 
49 Hodge, George Washington  24 Jul 1897Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2179 Crawford Co 
50 Hodge, Ida  23 Jul 1941Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4998 Crawford Co 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Slaughter, Ray Littleton  Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I4185 Crawford Co 
2 WHEELER, Charles Henry  09 Mar 2003Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I6831 Crawford Co 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drawhorn, Sarah Gertrude  1940Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I1323 Crawford Co 
2 Garrison, Marion Edward  1920Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I2504 Crawford Co 
3 Gray, William Edward  1900Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA I5076 Crawford Co 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Alexander / Braddy  09 Apr 1928Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F1142 Crawford Co 
2 Atwell / Flynn  25 Dec 1945Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F986 Crawford Co 
3 Atwell / Hawthorn  25 Sep 1904Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F287 Crawford Co 
4 Atwell / Young  31 Oct 1931Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F985 Crawford Co 
5 Dewberry / Rainey  18 Dec 1884Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F606 Crawford Co 
6 Edwards / Edwards  15 Sep 1921Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F262 Crawford Co 
7 Edwards / Jones  05 Nov 1932Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F264 Crawford Co 
8 Edwards / Kitchins  13 Feb 1879Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F917 Crawford Co 
9 Edwards / Marshall  24 Nov 1850Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F260 Crawford Co 
10 Edwards / Thomas  28 Nov 1920Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F44 Crawford Co 
11 English / Edwards  17 Jun 1949Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F234 Crawford Co 
12 Freeman / Atwell  02 Oct 1892Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F1179 Crawford Co 
13 Griggs / Edwards  14 Jan 1858Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F274 Crawford Co 
14 Haygood / Fullmore  20 Jul 1965Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F710 Crawford Co 
15 Hodge / Kembrew  21 Dec 1870Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F978 Crawford Co 
16 McCommon / Edwards  20 Jan 1901Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F921 Crawford Co 
17 McKinney / Atwell  08 Jun 1890Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F283 Crawford Co 
18 Molton / Edwards  08 Apr 1944Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F123 Crawford Co 
19 Nowell / Rainey  10 Dec 1846Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F979 Crawford Co 
20 Odom / Rainey  17 May 1919Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F1165 Crawford Co 
21 Railey / Hollingsworth  20 Dec 1882Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F731 Crawford Co 
22 Rainey / Bobbitt  05 May 1901Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F1053 Crawford Co 
23 Rainey / Hughes  01 Dec 1887Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F981 Crawford Co 
24 Rainey / Newberry  05 Jul 1924Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F1155 Crawford Co 
25 Rainey / Woodson  16 Mar 1851Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F596 Crawford Co 
26 Taylor / Edwards  12 Sep 1915Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F270 Crawford Co 
27 Taylor / Moore  13 Jul 1858Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F638 Crawford Co 
28 Thomas / Atwell  17 Jun 1900Macon, Bibb, Georgia, USA F230 Crawford Co