Crawford Co., Georgia
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Wilkes, Georgia, USA


Tree: Crawford Co
County/Shire : Latitude: 33.808264, Longitude: -82.77785790000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Calloway, Pheraby "Susan"  05 Jan 1787Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2603 Crawford Co 
2 Gholston, Elizabeth  1798Wilkes, Georgia, USA I6161 Crawford Co 
3 Gholston, John  15 Mar 1806Wilkes, Georgia, USA I6167 Crawford Co 
4 Gholston, Leonard Henley  12 Dec 1800Wilkes, Georgia, USA I6166 Crawford Co 
5 Gholston, Nathaniel Bullock  1796Wilkes, Georgia, USA I6098 Crawford Co 
6 Gordon, Frances Roy  08 Jun 1772Wilkes, Georgia, USA I5867 Crawford Co 
7 Lindsay, Jackson Clark Watkins  26 Nov 1795Wilkes, Georgia, USA I6061 Crawford Co 
8 Moore, Mary "Polly"  10 Nov 1810Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2724 Crawford Co 
9 Nash, Acton  01 Jan 1806Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2722 Crawford Co 
10 Nash, Barbary  02 May 1809Wilkes, Georgia, USA I3121 Crawford Co 
11 Nash, Elizabeth  03 Jun 1802Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2647 Crawford Co 
12 Nash, Hetta Ester  1808Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2725 Crawford Co 
13 Nash, Jacob Brozey  17 Oct 1803Wilkes, Georgia, USA I3120 Crawford Co 
14 Nash, Reuben Acton  04 Feb 1801Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2622 Crawford Co 
15 Nash, Theodosia  04 Feb 1805Wilkes, Georgia, USA I1187 Crawford Co 
16 Nash, Thomas  09 Jul 1807Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2202 Crawford Co 
17 Smith, James Bonner R.  Abt 1803Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2728 Crawford Co 
18 Strozier, Elizabeth  18 Mar 1807Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2602 Crawford Co 
19 Strozier, Margaret  08 Feb 1768Wilkes, Georgia, USA I1135 Crawford Co 
20 Strozier, Reuben Sr.  05 Jul 1782Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2601 Crawford Co 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hansford, Martha Louisa  03 Aug 1904Wilkes, Georgia, USA I3816 Crawford Co 
2 Hansford, Mary L.  17 Sep 1927Wilkes, Georgia, USA I3812 Crawford Co 
3 Hansford, Sarah T.  02 Jun 1930Wilkes, Georgia, USA I3815 Crawford Co 
4 Moore, Mary "Polly"  09 Mar 1864Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2724 Crawford Co 
5 Nash, Thomas  07 Jan 1878Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2202 Crawford Co 
6 Pollard, Elizabeth  06 Jan 1843Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2720 Crawford Co 
7 Strozier, Johan Peter Sr.  18 Jan 1807Wilkes, Georgia, USA I1134 Crawford Co 
8 Strozier, Peter Jr.  Bef May 1839Wilkes, Georgia, USA I2593 Crawford Co 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lindsay, John  Wilkes, Georgia, USA I5871 Crawford Co 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bullock / Gordon  12 Mar 1789Wilkes, Georgia, USA F2233 Crawford Co 
2 Darden / Strozier  30 Jul 1783Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1208 Crawford Co 
3 Echols / Nash  10 Apr 1834Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1214 Crawford Co 
4 Gholston / Bullock  24 Dec 1793Wilkes, Georgia, USA F2234 Crawford Co 
5 Hardy / Nash  01 Jan 1821Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1190 Crawford Co 
6 Henderson / Strozier  01 Apr 1799Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1210 Crawford Co 
7 Jones / Strozier  26 Aug 1824Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1181 Crawford Co 
8 Nash /   11 Nov 1855Wilkes, Georgia, USA F2058 Crawford Co 
9 Nash / Echols  10 Apr 1834Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1213 Crawford Co 
10 Nash / Moore  13 Jun 1827Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1066 Crawford Co 
11 Nash / Pollard  21 Feb 1830Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1211 Crawford Co 
12 Nash / Strozier  12 Aug 1799Wilkes, Georgia, USA F634 Crawford Co 
13 Philips / Strozier  21 Nov 1828Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1185 Crawford Co 
14 Rainey / Nash  26 Jun 1825Wilkes, Georgia, USA F597 Crawford Co 
15 Smith / Nash  13 Dec 1827Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1215 Crawford Co 
16 Strozier / Calloway  29 Mar 1803Wilkes, Georgia, USA F301 Crawford Co 
17 Strozier / Holtzclaw  16 May 1838Wilkes, Georgia, USA F1236 Crawford Co 
18 Strozier / Sherman  16 Feb 1826Wilkes, Georgia, USA F632 Crawford Co