Crawford Co., Georgia
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South Carolina, USA


Tree: Crawford Co
State/Province : Latitude: 33.836081, Longitude: -81.1637245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 H E  1825South Carolina, USA I5685 Crawford Co 
2 Mary  1818South Carolina, USA I5467 Crawford Co 
3 Sarah  Abt 1780South Carolina, USA I1075 Crawford Co 
4 Sarah  Abt 1811South Carolina, USA I2331 Crawford Co 
5 Arnold, Willis  1810South Carolina, USA I6153 Crawford Co 
6 Bankhead, Elizabeth Jane  1841South Carolina, USA I6263 Crawford Co 
7 Britt, Ava  Abt 1814South Carolina, USA I6752 Crawford Co 
8 Busbee, Elizabeth  Abt 1794South Carolina, USA I1215 Crawford Co 
9 DANIEL, Abel  Abt 1813South Carolina, USA I6765 Crawford Co 
10 Ferrell, Joseph Daniel Asbury  Aug 1867South Carolina, USA I2634 Crawford Co 
11 Frickes, Mary Agnes  1787South Carolina, USA I6824 Crawford Co 
12 Goff, Martha  1847South Carolina, USA I3953 Crawford Co 
13 Gray, William Edward  Jan 1872South Carolina, USA I5076 Crawford Co 
14 Harriet  1798South Carolina, USA I5688 Crawford Co 
15 Hortman, Adam Henry  1818South Carolina, USA I6755 Crawford Co 
16 Hortman, Christina  1819South Carolina, USA I6756 Crawford Co 
17 Hortman, David F  23 Nov 1812South Carolina, USA I6722 Crawford Co 
18 Hortman, Elizabeth  Abt 1826South Carolina, USA I6773 Crawford Co 
19 Hortman, Gosper or Gasper  1817South Carolina, USA I6749 Crawford Co 
20 Hortman, Jacob  1815South Carolina, USA I6751 Crawford Co 
21 Hortman, Mary  1825South Carolina, USA I6754 Crawford Co 
22 Hortman, Wiliam H  Abt 1787South Carolina, USA I6823 Crawford Co 
23 Jackson, Felder  29 Jul 1818South Carolina, USA I1152 Crawford Co 
24 Jackson, Martha Caroline  26 Nov 1817South Carolina, USA I1272 Crawford Co 
25 Jackson, Nimrod  22 Oct 1795South Carolina, USA I1217 Crawford Co 
26 Jackson, Permelia  02 Mar 1815South Carolina, USA I1279 Crawford Co 
27 Jones, Joseph H.  Abt 1804South Carolina, USA I1313 Crawford Co 
28 Jones, Mathew  Abt 1801South Carolina, USA I123 Crawford Co 
29 Keel, Sarah  Abt 1841South Carolina, USA I354 Crawford Co 
30 Kembrew, John Henry  Abt 1775South Carolina, USA I2185 Crawford Co 
31 Laney, Delora  1820South Carolina, USA I5395 Crawford Co 
32 Lowe, Clair  May 1869South Carolina, USA I2630 Crawford Co 
33 Merritt, William Riley  1825South Carolina, USA I6378 Crawford Co 
34 Moore, Elizabeth  Abt 1800South Carolina, USA I2782 Crawford Co 
35 Thomas, Abel  Abt 1805South Carolina, USA I2332 Crawford Co 
36 Thomas, Judge L.  1829South Carolina, USA I361 Crawford Co 
37 Thomas, Louisa  1841South Carolina, USA I2652 Crawford Co 
38 Thomas, Peggy J.  1840South Carolina, USA I2651 Crawford Co 
39 Thomas, Sarah A.  1834South Carolina, USA I2643 Crawford Co 
40 Thomas, William  1836South Carolina, USA I2650 Crawford Co 
41 Woods, Elizabeth A.  Abt 1824South Carolina, USA I3696 Crawford Co 
42 Yaughn, Allen  Oct 1839South Carolina, USA I5713 Crawford Co 
43 Yaughn, Charles  Abt 1795South Carolina, USA I5719 Crawford Co 
44 Yaughn, Dick  1841South Carolina, USA I5729 Crawford Co 
45 Yaughn, Eliza A  1832South Carolina, USA I5733 Crawford Co 
46 Yaughn, F  1825South Carolina, USA I5738 Crawford Co 
47 Yaughn, James D.  Jul 1847South Carolina, USA I5750 Crawford Co 
48 Yawn, Freddie  1815South Carolina, USA I5783 Crawford Co 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Thomas /   Bef 1829South Carolina, USA F291 Crawford Co