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451 WWI Draft Registration Arceneaux, Leonce (I5625)
452 Year: 1850; Census Place: Division 20, Crawford, Georgia; Roll: M432_67; Page: 415; Image: 72. Merritt, William Riley (I6378)
453 Year: 1860; Census Place: , Mitchell, Georgia; Roll: M653_131; Page: 695; Image: 162. Merritt, William Riley (I6378)
454 Year: 1870; Census Place: Militia District 577, Crawford, Georgia; Roll: M593_146; Page: 413; Image: 81 Merritt, John A. (I6379)
455 [ChenowethFamilyFile7-11-2006.FTW]

Among the lawyers admitted to practice before the United States Supreme C ourt yesterday was Lucius Lamar, baptized Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Mirab eau Lamar. Mr. Lamar is a Georgian by birth, and a relative of Associa te Justice Lamar. He bears the same name as the last Justice Lamar, who h ailed from Mississippi. For ten years he has been practicing law in Havan a, and was counsel for this country in the first intervention proceedin gs in Cuba.
"It has been said, I believe, that the Lamars are descendants of the Hugu enots," said Mr. Lamar at the Shoreham. "This may be; but it is somewh at strange, it occurs to me, that there should be Lamars in Florida, Cub a, and in other States and islands that once belonged to Spain. Howeve r, I don't want to question the assertion that the first Lamars in this co untry were Huguenots. Maybe they were. It has been often remarked that m any of the Lamar family bear long names. It happened this way: Old Zacha riah Lamar, who lived in Milledgeville, Ga., and is buried in the cemete ry there was a bachelor, and he claimed the privilege of naming the childr en of his brothers. He was an omnivorous reader of history, and when o ne of his brothers had a son born, he christened the young one Lucius Quin tus Cincinnatus Lamar. This was the father of the late associate justi ce of the Supreme Court. A brother was named Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar.
"The latter went with Sam Houston to Mexico, and was with Houston at t he battle of San Jacinto, when Santa Ana surrendered. Houston was the fir st president of the Mexican republic, and Mirabeau Lamar was the second pr esident.
Another brother was called La Voiser La Grande Lamar. The fir st L. Q. C. Lamar was a judge in Georgia, and noted as a jurist. He commi tted suicide because, it is said, he had to preside at a trial of a man ac cused of murder, who was found guilty by a jury, and sentenced to dea th by him. It was afterwards established that the accused man was innocen t, and Judge Lamar brooded over his having sentenced the man to death."

The Washington Post (Washington, D.C.), 4 January 1911, p. 6, col. 8 
Lamar, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus (I6318)

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